CharmHazel’s Wizarding World (Week 2)

CharmHazel's Wizarding World: Week 2 - 14th-20th January Products: 1 - Lord Voldemort Funko Pop, 2 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Paperback, 3 - Rubeus Hagrid 6" Funko Pop, 4 - Hedwig Series 1 Funko Mystery Mini, 5 - Harry Potter in Quidditch Robes Funko Pop, 6 - Ron Weasley Funko Supercute... Continue Reading →


Photography – Highgate Cemetery

September 2018 - Highgate Cemetery, London This is the final post I will be adding with photos from my visit to the East Cemetery at Highgate. In this post, I will posting photos of tombs and mausoleums that have grade listed by Historic England. I think what surprised me most when exploring the cemetery was... Continue Reading →

Photography – Highgate Cemetery (Part 2)

September 2018 - Highgate Cemetery, London Continuing on with Highgate Cemetery and some of my favourite photos from my visit to the East Cemetery. The architecture of the graves, tombs and mausoleums were absolutely stunning and I do hope to eventually take a tour of the West Cemetery. However, it did kick-start a desire to... Continue Reading →

CharmHazel’s Wizarding World (Week 1)

Time to start a another new Wizarding World series on my blog... CharmHazel's Wizarding World will bring together all my photos of merchandise and books, from the previous week that were posted to my HP Social Media accounts, together in one place, every Sunday. CharmHazel's Wizarding World: Week One - 7th-13th January... Products: 1 -... Continue Reading →

World of Wizardry (December 2018)

Time to start one of three new Wizarding World-related blog series... World of Wizardry will be posted on, hopefully, the second Saturday of each month and will document the contents of my World of Wizardry Geek Gear Box I received the previous month. Each month, I will post a photo of the full contents, while... Continue Reading →

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