Photography – Brompton Cemetery (Part 1)

September 2018 – Brompton Cemetery, London

Another day out with my camera and another trip to one of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries – this time, it was to Brompton Cemetery in West London. The cemetery, itself, opened back in 1840, under the name of the West of London and Westminster Cemetery.

For me, this was the easiest, of all the cemeteries I visited, to navigate and find graves I had listed to photograph, mainly due to the layout of the cemetery. With one main pathway, leading up to the Chapel, and many smaller pathways leading off it, it was definitely easy to figure out where to head and impossible to get lost.

Brompton Cemetery is certainly a stunning cemetery with such a mixture of architecture, nationalities and faiths within its grounds. Definitely worthy of a trip, even if just for a stroll through.


Mausoleum of James McDonald – Grade II Listed Building
Burnside Monument – Grade II Listed Building
Tomb of Henry Pettitt – Grade II Listed Buildin


Tomb of Emmeline Pankhurst _ Grade II* Listed Building


All photos were taken on a Nikon D3100 DSLR, shot in Automatic and Jpeg Fine, before being edited in Adobe Lightroom.




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