Theatre in Review – April 2019

My apologies for the delay in writing and posting this, but it has been a tough and busy month for me and my family. April saw me attend four shows in four days over the Easter Weekend, which also happened to be my birthday weekend. Even though I was absolutely shattered afterwards, it was certainly... Continue Reading →


The Year 3 Cast of Cursed Child (Part 4)

Moving on to Part 4 of my series on the Year 3 Cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child... (Please do not continue to read if you wish to avoid spoilers) The unsung heroes of the theatre, at least for me, are the incredible ensemble and covers. The sheer number of times I have... Continue Reading →

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare…

… Just as we thought we had come to end of this nightmare and when we thought we were finally on the road to recovery, the nightmare came back and far worse than before. Yesterday (1st May 2019), Charlie was diagnosed with a secondary tumour, measuring 3cm, which is located on his lung. This comes... Continue Reading →

Theatre in Review – March 2019

Another month of theatre shows and a damn good one at that. Obviously, there was another trip to my favourite play, but there was also a return to one of my favourite musicals and a trip to two incredible and thought-provoking plays. Admissions at Trafalgar Studios (4/3/19): Honestly, I did book this as an excuse... Continue Reading →

Theatre in Review – February 2019

Another month and another four shows. I don't think I could have seen four very different shows if I tried, but what made these shows all special was the issues they tackled, from shyness to grief, and from the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement. The Shy Manifesto at Greenwich Theatre (2/2/19): Admittedly, this... Continue Reading →

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